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ITAC calls for sunset review applications to extend anti-dumping duties

On 24 May 2019 ITAC published a notice warning of the imminent lapse of anti-dumping duties on garlic, stainless steel sinks, wheelbarrows, float and flat glass, frozen bone-in chicken and cement.


Anti-dumping duties lapse automatically after five years from the date of imposition, unless they are extended by a sunset review. Certain deadlines apply by which industries may submit their applications for a sunset review. The rates of applicable duty, date of expiry of the duties and date for the submission of the sunset review application is listed in the table below.



Product Country Rate of Anti-dumping duty Date of imposition of duty Date of Expiry of duty Date of submission of applicaiton for sunset review
Garlic PRC 1925 c/kg 30/10/15 29/10/20 30/04/20
Stainless steel sinks PRC, Malaysia 62.41% - 95.86% 31/07/15 30/07/20 31/01/20
Wheelbarrows PRC 29.82% - 39.92% 04/09/15 03/09/20 04/03/20
Float and flat glass PRC, India 562 c/m2 - 1387 c/m2 31/07/15 26/02/20 31/01/20
Frozen bone-in chicken portions Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom 3.86% - 73.33% 27/02/15 26/02/20 27/08/19
Cement Pakistan 14.29% - 77.15% 18/12/15 17/12/20 18/06/20


For any assistance in applying to extend or terminate these duties, kindly do not hesitate to contact us. A copy of the notice may be accessed here


Rian Geldenhuys

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