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About us

Trade Law Chambers is rated as the leading international trade law firm in South Africa. We specialise in international trade, corporate, commercial and investment law as well as dispute resolution related to these fields.  Through our association with Geldenhuys Joubert Attorneys we deliver unparalleled legal advice on international and domestic legal issues.

Our professionals at Trade Law Chambers are admitted attorneys with Geldenhuys Joubert Attorneys. Trade Law Chambers provides the medium through which our attorneys provide legal advice to our clients in the international market whilst our attorneys provide domestic legal advice through Geldenhuys Joubert Attorneys.

Our clients include local, foreign and multinational businesses, non-governmental stakeholders, business associations as well as domestic and foreign government departments and agencies and regional organisations. We have years of experience in the agricultural, financial services, energy, food, beverage, tobacco, maunufacturing, mining, private equity, technology and services industries. 

Our lawyers' extensive experience in their specialisations will ensure that we provide you with the best support for your business endeavours. Our experience within Africa is unmatched.

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What's New

Rian Geldenhuys named amongst the World's Leading Trade and Customs Lawyers

25 Oct 2017
We are delighted to annouce that Rian Geldehuys has again been named by Who's Who Legal as being among the world's leading Trade & Customs lawyers. Rian has been selected by his clients and peers and the recognition has just been published in Who's…

Global Britain—spotlight on international trade with South Africa

02 Oct 2017
What opportunities and challenges would a trade deal with South Africa present the UK? Rian Geldenhuys, director at Trade Law Chambers, explains why it is important for the UK to be clear and transparent on its interests before entering into a trade…

In the News

SA's decision to support the disbanding of the SADC Tribunal challenged

15 Feb 2018
The Law Society of South Africa and several others have challenged the decision by President Jacob Zuma (as well as other Ministers) to participate in the suspension of the SADC Tribunal and the signing of the 2014 Protocol on the SADC Tribunal.

Angola ratifies New York Convention on Foreign Arbitral Awards

18 Aug 2016
Angola acceded to the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards (1958) on 12 August 2016, becoming its 157th Contracting State Party.
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